SOUL SHAKE is a seasoned band of professional musicians from Redlands California with a rich influence in classic Soul, R&B and Roots Rock from the 60s and 70s.


Jimmy Faragher is a powerhouse vocal talent that transcends the Motown sound. His vocal versatility is truly a treasure to hear and meshes seamlessly with his sister Pammy.

Pammy Faragher can blow the doors off any room with her soulful voice and melodic range. Pammy and her brother Jimmy have been singing together for over 30 years and have wonderful vocal chemistry that flat out WORKS!

Ray Zeigler is an accomplished talent on the guitar, as well as bass, drums and percussion. His style and tasteful lead playing is the perfect accompaniment to the SOUL SHAKE sound.

Peggy Zeigler holds down the bottom end, grooving hard on the electric bass. She is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in banjo, guitar, mandolin, electric and upright bass, as well as piano.

Marty C. Faragher is a second-generation drummer who ties it all together and keeps the party dancing. An accomplished guitarist as well, his excellent timing and dynamic control makes the Soul SHAKE.


Photography/design/development by Susan LaDean and Raoul Rañoa